Avatar 3 Release Date, Trailer, Songs, Cast

After a 13-year wait, Avatar:

The Way of Water is officially in cinemas. With one sequel completed, we look forward to Avatar 3 and what it will offer.

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With Avatar: The Way of Water finally hitting cinemas more than a decade after Avatar, fans won’t have to wait as long for Avatar 3. The Way of Water, co-written and directed by James Cameron, presents a variety of storyline lines that might continue over into Avatar 3 – here are the latest Avatar 3 updates and all you need to know about the third film in the thriving Avatar series, including what to anticipate from the plotline.

The Way of Water has been in theatres for 13 years, and the Avatar sequel presents new themes that will be explored on in Avatar 3, such as the tension between Colonel Quaritch and Jake and Neytiri’s family. Fortunately, audiences won’t have to wait long to find out if The Way of Water was the final Pandora adventure since the most recent Avatar 3 updates show the film is officially in the works and far along in the production process.

Release Date

20 December 2024
Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldaña, Stephen Lang, Sigourney Weaver, CCH Pounder, Giovanni Ribisi, Cliff Curtis, Edie Falco, Jemaine Clement, Michelle Yeoh, David Thewlis, Oona Chaplinmore…
James Cameron
James Cameron
Russell Carpenter
Simon Franglen
James Cameron, Jon Landau
Lightstorm Entertainment

The Latest Avatar 3 News

According to the most recent Avatar 3 updates, Captain Mick Scoresby (Brendan Cowell) will return for Avatar 3. This might be good or bad news for the next Avatar film, as his plot was similar to Quaritch’s in that it was assumed he died, only to return for another sequel. Moreover, Zoe Saldana recently provided an update on filming when speaking with Entertainment Tonight. While director James Cameron had indicated that production for Avatar 3 was nearly completed in 2020, Saldana told ET that the crew was returning to film for the summer and that the process was “70% done there.”

Having said that, contradicting Avatar 3 developments have emerged from a Q&A session with producer John Landau, who stated that Avatar 3 and the first act of Avatar 4 were shot concurrently with Avatar 2. In any case, the consensus is that the sequel is almost finished filming. Landau confirmed in the same Q&A that Avatar 3 will feature two new Na’vi tribes. “But, culturally, we’re going to meet at least two more clans in the next movie, and it’ll go on and on,” Landau remarked. One of these new civilizations will most likely be the fire Na’vi, of whom Oona Chaplin’s Varang will be a part.

Further Avatar 3 updates have revealed the reappearance of two significant characters. The first is that of Payakan, the compassionate and clever Tulkun from Avatar: The Way of Water. Landau confirmed Payakan’s return for Avatar 3 in an interview with The Wrap, adding, “Payakan has always reminded me of Lassie. And I’d say this is a narrative of a child and his dog, who are both outsiders who rely on each other.” In the same interview, Landau indicated that Parker Selfridge (Giovanni Ribisi), the Avatar sequel’s secondary villain, will return in a big way for Avatar 3.

Avatar 3 Is Confirmed: James Cameron’s Sequel Plan Explained

According to the most recent Avatar 3 updates, the picture has been confirmed for several years, and the extended wait period between the first film and its sequels allows James Cameron and his writing team to plan out the scenario ahead of time. Cameron’s sequel strategy is more completely set out in Avatar: The Way of Water, and the director believes working with the actors and crew is a key part of why he keeps making Avatar sequels.

Additional Avatar 3 reports say that the film would continue the Sully family’s saga, with Stephen Lang’s Colonel Quaritch returning as the film’s principal enemy with Oona Chaplin’s Varanga. Cameron’s intentions for Avatar 3 have become more firm since the sequel was shot concurrently with Avatar: The Way of Water, with motion-capture performances for Avatar 3 and sections of Avatar 4 finished in 2018. Furthermore, Avatar 3 updates reveal that it will explore new sections of Pandora as well as new Na’vi tribes, expanding out further than ever before.

Avatar 3 Release Date

According to the most recent Avatar 3 updates, the film will be released in theatres on December 20, 2024. The film was delayed multiple times, and its release date was pushed back for a variety of reasons, including production shutdowns due to COVID-19. The delays in the Avatar sequel were ascribed to filmmaker James Cameron’s need to have all five screenplays ready before beginning production. The delays also helped the visual effects crew, who had additional time to work on the sequels as a result of the delays. Avatar 3 was originally set for release in 2015 but was later pushed back until 2020. The year 2024 was chosen by 20th Century Studios, two years after the release of its predecessor.

As previously noted, Zoe Saldana indicated that filming for Avatar 3 was around “70%” complete, while producer Jon Landau provided further Avatar 3 details. According to Landau, Avatar 3 and the opening act of Avatar 4 were shot concurrently with Avatar 2. Moreover, James Cameron indicated that filming for Avatar 3 was virtually completed in 2020. Therefore, despite the film’s previous troubles with release date delays, Avatar 3 appears to be sticking to its December 20, 2024 cinema release date.

Who Will Return to the Cast?

While certain characters, including Jake and Neytiri’s eldest son, who was slain in combat, will not return for the sequel, the latest Avatar 3 updates reveal that Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana will reprise their roles as Jake and Neytiri, respectively. Avatar 3 will also star Sigourney Weaver, Britain Dalton, Trinity Jo-Li Bliss (as Jake and Neytiri’s surviving children Kiri, Lo’ak, and Tuk), and Jack Champion as Spider. Stephen Lang will play Quaritch, Kate Winslet will play Ronal, Cliff Curtis will play Tonowari, and Bailey Bass will play Reya, all of whom played Metkayina members in The Way of Water.

Brendan Cowell, Jemaine Clement, and Edie Falco are anticipated to return as well. According to reports, contrary to popular belief, Cowell’s Mick Scoresby did not die in Avatar 2 and will return to reprise his nasty role in Avatar 3. Another new villain is Avatar’s secondary antagonist Parker Selfridge, played by Giovanni Ribisi. While he only appeared in Avatar 2 as a cameo, Ribisi has signed on full-time for Avatar 3, where he is slated to have a considerably greater role. Finally, Tulkun Payakan, a fan favorite, has been confirmed to return for the next Avatar film.

Avatar 3 upgrades have also brought forth a slew of new characters. Varang, the leader of the Ash People, who will appear in the last three sequels, will be played by Oona Chaplin. David Thewlis will also appear in the film as an unknown Na’vi figure who will play an important role in Avatar 3 and its successors. Michelle Yeoh, who was most recently featured in the popular multiverse film Everything Everywhere All At Once, will portray scientist Dr. Karina Mogue in the third and subsequent Avatar films.

Avatar 3 Story: How The Way Of Water Sets Up A Sequel

While there have been no Avatar3 updates about the prospective plot, the ending of Avatar:

The Way of Water left a few stories open for further development. With Spider having saved Colonel Quaritch from drowning, the film’s antagonist will most likely continue his vendetta against Jake in Avatar 3. Things might become worse before they get better, especially because Quaritch’s fury will be at an all-time high after the climactic fight in The Way of Water. Importantly, Spider saving his father may cause friction between him and his surrogate family if they discover what he did.

The battle between the Na’vi and the RDA will undoubtedly worsen, and it’s feasible that the RDA will be more prepared in Avatar 3, posing an even greater threat to Jake’s family. While Quaritch’s major beef is with Jake, the RDA is eager to grow in Pandora and make it more human-friendly. Their invasion will ruin the planet’s native population and land, likely increasing dissension and enmity among the Na’vi, who have long struggled to safeguard their people and territory.

This escalating tension and its impact on Pandora’s people might be explored further in Avatar3. There were hints of this in The Way of Water, with Captain Scoresby chasing the tulku despite their significance to the Metkayina, and Avatar3 might go much further, especially with Scoresby back in action and eager for blood. It has also been announced that Lo’ak will replace Jake as the narrator for Avatar3, while Varang represents a Na’vi villain. It’s unclear what role the villain Parker Selfridge will have in all of this, but the adversarial force will most certainly be the RDA.

Trailer for Avatar 3

Despite the fact that the majority of the filming has been completed, the most recent Avatar 3 updates do not feature any promotional videos, teasers, or trailers. Knowing that Avatar 3 will be released in theatres in December 2024, it’s far more probable that an Avatar 3 teaser will be released in early 2024 at the very least.

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