Chhattisgarh Mahtari Nyay Yojana 2023: Save Money on Gas Cylinders

Hey, Today, let’s talk about the New scheme of Chhattisgarh. It’s called the “Chhattisgarh Mahtari Nyay Yojana.” This plan is all about helping people who use gas for cooking, and it’s especially good for women.

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Chhattisgarh Mahtari Nyay Yojana
Chhattisgarh Mahtari Nyay Yojana

What is Mahtari Nyay Yojana?

Mahtari Nyay Yojana is a special idea from the Congress Party in Chhattisgarh. They want to start this plan if they win the elections in 2024. The main idea is to make gas cylinders cheaper by giving a discount of Rs 500. That way, people can save money when they buy gas to cook their meals.


Title Mahtari Justice Scheme (Mahtari Nyay Yojana)
Category Yojana
Year 2023
State Chhattisgarh
Declared By Congress Secretary Priyanka Gandhi
When was it announced October 30, 2023
Beneficiary women with gas connection
Objective giving subsidy on gas cylinder
Homepage goodbitinfo

Why Do We Need This Plan?

Gas cylinder prices have gone up a lot, and it’s been tough for many families. Especially those who are not very rich. This plan wants to make things easier for them by giving them a discount on gas cylinders. Also, they plan to help by giving 200 minutes of free electricity.

How Does Mahtari Nyay Yojana Work?

Here’s what you need to know about this plan:

  1. This plan will only start if the Congress Party wins the elections in Chhattisgarh.
  2. It’s Priyanka Gandhi, a leader from the Congress Party, who told us about this plan.
  3. To get the benefit, the gas connection should be in a woman’s name.
  4. The government will give Rs 500 off on gas cylinders.
  5. They will also provide 200 units of free electricity.
  6. The money saved on gas will go directly to the bank account of the person who gets it.
  7. This plan will only work in Chhattisgarh.

What Do You Need to Apply?

To get the benefits of this plan, you will need:

  • Aadhar card
  • Ration card number
  • Gas connection number
  • Mobile number
  • Annual income report

How to Apply?

You can’t apply for this plan right now because it hasn’t started yet. It will begin only if the Congress Party wins the elections in Chhattisgarh. So, let’s wait and see what happens.

Official Website and Helpline

There isn’t an official website or helpline number available yet. But as soon as they are launched, we’ll update this article. So you can learn more about the plan or ask any questions you might have.


This plan is all about making life easier for people in Chhattisgarh. Saving money on gas and getting free electricity can be a big help to families. We’ll keep you posted on the latest updates about Mahtari Nyay Yojana.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

In which state is the Mahtari Nyay Yojana starting?

Ans- It’s planned for Chhattisgarh.

How much discount will you get on a gas cylinder with this plan?

Ans- Rs 500 off.

Is Mahtari Nyay Yojana running now?

Ans- Not yet.

When will the Chhattisgarh Mahtari Nyay Yojana start?

Ans– It’ll start if the Congress Party wins the elections.

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