Sikkim Punarwas Awas Yojana: Helping Sikkim Bounce Back

In the beautiful state of Sikkim, a big disaster happened. It was like a super-strong storm called the Teesta tragedy on October 3 and 4. This disaster caused a lot of problems for the people of Sikkim. Their homes, dreams, and jobs were all taken away. But don’t worry, the government of Sikkim, led by Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang, is here to help with the “Sikkim Rehabilitation Scheme” or “Sikkim Punarwas Awas Yojana”.

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The Sikkim Rehabilitation Scheme: What Is It?

Title Sikkim Punarwas Awas Yojana 2023
Category Yojana
Year 2023
Rehabilitation Housing Scheme Building homes, one at a time
State Sikkim
Who Started Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang
Beneficiary People affected by the flood
Objective To help people recover
Homepage goodbitinfo
Official Website Coming soon
Helpline Number Coming soon

What’s This Scheme All About?

Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang has started the Sikkim Rehabilitation Scheme to help the people hurt by the Teesta tragedy. This big plan is about building new homes for families who lost their homes. Because of the disaster.

The government will help those who have documents like Sikkim Subject Certificates, Voter Cards, or proof they own land. And if you don’t have land. Don’t worry, the government will give you some.

What Are They Trying to Do?

The main goal of the Sikkim Rehabilitation Scheme is to build about 2100 houses first. They want to help students. by giving them money, to those who cannot afford higher education.

They also want to help shop owners who lost their shops in the flood. By giving them a loan without interest to restart their businesses.

Who Can Get Help?

  • The Chief Minister, Prem Singh Tamang, wants to start this scheme to help people who lost their homes.
  • People who lost their homes because of the Teesta tragedy on October 3 and 4 can get help.
  • In the first part of the plan, they will build 2100 houses.
  • They can help you with living in a home if that is your choice.
  • They will make a special place where you can rent homes for three years and then buy them later.
  • For three months, families that lost their houses will receive money each month. They will also get kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, and bedding.
  • Students who lost their books will get Rs 10,000 and free books.
  • If students stopped going to school because of the flood, the government will pay their house rent.
  • Banks will let people who got loans delay their payments for a year without extra money.
  • People who lost important papers because of the flood can get help from the government.

Who Can Join?

  • Only people who were born in Sikkim can get help.
  • People who lost their homes in the flood can join.
  • People who lost their account books or stopped going to school can join, too.

How to Apply

We don’t know the exact documents you need or how to apply. But don’t worry. On the official website, they will inform you once they get the answer. When new information is available. we’ll update.


The Sikkim Rehabilitation Scheme isn’t just about houses. It’s about helping people get their lives back. Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang and the Sikkim government are here to help after the Teesta tragedy.

They want to give money, homes, and education. Stay tuned for more new schemes. Let’s work together to make Sikkim better, one home at a time.

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