Ladli Behna Housing Scheme in MP 2023: Getting Homes for Sisters

Hey there, did you know that in Madhya Pradesh, something very cool is happening? They’re giving away free houses to the sisters in the state. This special plan is called the Ladli Behna Housing Scheme. It’s the Chief Minister’s way of saying, “Hey, we care about you, sisters!”

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This article will tell you all you need to know about this plan. Like who can apply, what papers you need, how to apply, and when you can do it.

What’s the Ladli Behna Housing Scheme?

Before, it was called the Mukhyamantri Antyodaya Awas Yojana. But now it’s the Mukhyamantri Laadli Behna Awas Yojana. Fancy names, right? The best part is, that this plan helps people who didn’t get help from the government’s Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.

It helps folks who don’t have a home or have to live in not-so-sturdy houses. More than 23 lakh families might get a boost from this plan. And the government made a website where you can apply. A phone number if you need help.


Title Mukhyamantri Laadli Behna Awas Yojana
Category Yojna
Year 2023
State Madhya Pradesh
who started Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan
Beneficiary sisters of Madhya Pradesh
Objective Providing houses to homeless people and pucca houses to people living in kutcha houses.
official website cmladlibahna
Homepage goodbitinfo

Importance of the Plan

Here are some important points of this plan:

  • When it Started: On September 9, 2023, the Chief Minister said, “Let’s do it!”
  • Homes for Homeless: If you don’t have a home, you’ll get one. If you live in a shaky house, you can have a strong one.
  • Priority for Sisters: Sisters who should have gotten help from Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana but didn’t, go first.
  • City and Country Focus: People in the city will get a real house, and those in the countryside will get a piece of land.
  • No More Homeless Families: They want to make sure no poor family in Madhya Pradesh is without a home.

Who Can Get Help?

  • To get help from the Ladli Behna Housing Scheme, you need to:
  • Be a sister from Madhya Pradesh.
  • Be between 21 and 60 years old.
  • Not have a home or live in a shaky one.

What You Need to Apply

You’ll need these documents to apply:

  1. Aadhar card (it’s like your special ID)
  2. Something with your address on it
  3. Proof that you’re part of the Ladli Behna Scheme
  4. Bank details
  5. Your phone number
  6. A nice passport-sized photo of yourself

How to Apply

You can apply for the Ladli Behna Housing Scheme in two ways:

Offline Way:

  • Go to your local Gram Panchayat or District Panchayat.
  • Show them your papers.
  • Get the form.
  • Fill it out, attach your papers, and give it back.
  • The secretary will give you a special receipt.

Online Way:

  • Fill out the form on the internet.
  • Click Here for the given Link: Application Form
  • Upload your papers.
  • Send it online.

Checking Your Status and the List

  1. The Panchayats send the names of people who want help to the District Panchayats every day.
  2. The District Panchayats add the names to the computer.
  3. The head of the District Panchayat checks the list and sends it to the big government.
  4. After the government says “yes,” they start building houses.
  5. Then, you get your new home!

Important Dates

You can apply from September 17, 2023, to October 5, 2023. After that, the big bosses get to work.

Need Help?

If you want to know more or have questions. You can call on this Helpline Number: 0755-2700800.


The Ladli Behna Housing Scheme in Madhya Pradesh is like a superhero for sisters. It give them a safe place to live. It’s easy to apply. It’s making life better for lots of families.

Don’t miss out on your chance to have a home in Madhya Pradesh. Apply today.

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