Saeed Rashed Almheiri Little Boy Becomes The World’s Youngest Author

Little Boy Writes A Book About Kindness And Becomes The World’s Youngest Author

saeed signing his book
Saeed signing his book

Yet Saeed is not the only record breaker in the family; in fact, his older sister AlDhabi inspired him to write his book.

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AlDhabi previously held the record for the world’s youngest person to publish a bilingual book (female), then less than a year later, at the age of 8 years and 239 days, she broke the record for the youngest person to publish a bilingual book series (female).

Moreover, AlDhabi created a one-of-a-kind project called Books from Children to Children. This program intends to inspire children aged 4 to 10 to write in Arabic or English, ensuring that the writer, artist, publisher, and readers of a book are all children!

“I adore my sister so much and I like playing with her all the time,” Saeed said enthusiastically. “We read, write, draw, and participate in so many things together.” I created my book [inspired by her] because I wanted to have my own book.”

Saeed Signing His Book

Saeed went on to explain the premise of his novel, saying, “It’s about an elephant named Saeed and a polar bear.” The elephant was having a picnic when he noticed a polar bear. He believed the bear was going to eat him, but the elephant was friendly and said, “Let’s enjoy a picnic together!” Later they became buddies and gave each other kindness.”

Saeed giving signed book
Saeed giving a signed book

Saeed learned to write with the help of his mother and siblings and soon began creating his own stories. He enjoyed both discussing and illustrating the characters in his novel. “The drawing was tough, and the polar bear appeared intimidating at first, but sketching is always enjoyable,” he remarked.

Yet, he relished the opportunity to recite his narrative aloud to his parents and classmates at school.

When we asked him about his accomplishment, he remarked, “I’m glad and proud that I achieved something wonderful like my sister AlDhabi!” “I enjoy it when my pals are thrilled for me.”

Saeed’s Sister Holding His Book

Saeed Rashed AlMheiri of Abu Dhabi, UAE, is the world’s youngest book publisher at the age of 4 years 218 days.

On March 9, 2023, his record was validated as he sold over 1,000 copies of his children’s book The Elephant Saeed and the Bear.

It is a story of generosity and a surprising relationship between two creatures.

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Saeed Receiving a GWR Certificate

Saeed explained that this is only the beginning of his writing career and that he is now hard at work on a second book. He enjoys reading, writing, and delivering stories that “develop people’s brains,” in his words.


Saeed Presents An Autographed Book to A Child

The 4-year-old enjoys mathematics and enjoys solving mathematical issues with his mum.


When asked if he’d consider breaking any additional records in the future, he answered emphatically, “YES!” “It’s very thrilling, and I was having so much fun with this one.” I’d like to make another record, and I feel I’m capable of doing it.”

Saeed And His Sister Are Signing Books

saeed and sister signing books
Saeed and his sister signing books

AlDhabi and Saeed are currently working on new publications, trying to convince people that nothing is impossible and that age is not a barrier.

“AlDhabi is an outstanding young girl, and Saeed followed in her footsteps,” their pleased parents said. He is proof that everyone is born with a skill, and that talent cannot be discovered unless they try things out.”

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