iPhone 15 Release Date, Expected Features, RAM, Camera, Size

iPhone 15

You can check online for information on the iPhone 15 release date, anticipated features, RAM, camera, size, and price in India. The Apple Company plans to deliver the iPhone 14 in its next iteration. Every September, the mobile phone business releases a new version of the iPhone.

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iPhone 15 Release Date

yet, there are many rumors about the iPhone’s impending release in India circulating on social media right now. Data gathered from several sources indicates that the Apple Company will soon. issue a new version in September 2023, continuing their pattern.

Yet, nothing has been confirmed, and the company has not released any information about the introduction of the new iPhone. In this post, we’ve compiled the most intriguing details of the brand-new product that will soon be available. Read the complete post for more details to assist you in getting ready to update your iPhone this year.

Variants With Size

The latest iPhone edition is anticipated by iPhone users. This year, the Apple Company has also developed four distinct iPhone models with various screen sizes. The size of the iPhone series will be the same as that of the iPhone 14 devices because the most recent model won’t have any large design changes.

Release Date

According to information we received from a variety of sources. Apple may stick with the present naming convention for the Apple Watch series and will likely rebrand the iPhone from Pro Max to Ultra. The iPhone models listed below may debut this year.

  • iPhone 15 (6.1-inch display)
  • iPhone 15 Plus (6.7-inch display)
  • iPhone 15 Pro (6.1-inch display)
  • iPhone 15 Ultra (6.7-inch display)

The iPhone variants will be made available for customers in two colors: Black and Gold.

Release Date

Every September, Apple publishes a new version of its software. So, it is expected that the release will occur in the second week of September 2023 this year as well. But there is no formal confirmation.

This is conjecture. Every time the business issues a formal announcement, we will let you know through our website when the actual release date will be. To stay updated, kindly return to our website.


The new iPhone 15 versions are coming with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. They’re not changing the type of memory, it’s still LPDDR5. This means you can use more apps at the same time without any problems. The older iPhone Pro models had 6GB of RAM, so the new ones will work even better with more RAM.

Camera Features

The new iPhone 15 Pro models have really cool cameras. They can take super clear 48 MP photos and zoom in up to 10 times. But there’s a rumor that they have a special 8P lens, which is not true, according to Apple’s executives.

Expected Features

The new iPhone 15 is coming soon, and people are very excited about it! It will still use Face ID to unlock, not Touch ID. Some cool things to look forward to are:

1. Dynamic Island feature: This is something special that’s already on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, and it will be on the iPhone 15 too.

2. Better picture sensor: The camera will be even better, so your photos will look great, even if there’s a lot of light behind the subject.

So, get ready for the new iPhone – it’s going to be awesome!


The new iPhone is coming, and there are some cool things we’ve heard about it! First, it’s gonna have a USB-C charging port instead of the lightning one we’re used to. Also, the Pro version might have a fancy titanium frame, which will make it lighter. But don’t worry, it’s still gonna use Face ID to unlock, no Touch ID.

The buttons on the Pro models will be special solid-state buttons to make the phone last longer. And guess what? The curved edges are coming back, like in the older iPhones. That’s gonna be fun!

The camera will be really good, just like the iPhone 14, with 48MP for awesome photos. And there’s this super-fast modem called Qualcomm’s x70 to make the internet better.

But wait, we don’t know the exact price yet, but some say the Pro model might be around Rs 77990 in India. Remember, these are just rumors, so we’ll have to wait and see!

We’ve got the estimated price of the iPhone 15 in the US right here for you:

  • iPhone 15 – $799 (same as last year)
  • iPhone 15 Plus – $899 (same as last year)
  • iPhone 15 Pro – $1,099 (increased by $100)
  • iPhone 15 Ultra – $1,199 (increased by $100)

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