Could Obsession Return for Another Pillow Sex Season?

Could Obsession Return for Another Pillow Sex Season?

Everyone’s current TV craze is Obsession on Netflix. With the now-infamous “pillow scene,” the story of a successful surgeon and family man who risks everything by embarking on an ill-advised secret affair with his son’s fiancée had jaws dropping, and the show’s mix of heady, emotionally charged relationship drama and increasingly unhinged plot and character turns made for compelling, occasionally confusing viewing—the kind that tends to do well in the ratings.

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All of this suggests that a second season might be ordered. Not to mention that the abrupt discontinuation of Netflix’s top hot program Sex/Life after two seasons has left a void in the streaming giant’s sensual portfolio.

Will Obsession get a Season 2?

Netflix has yet to declare if it will renew Obsession for more episodes, despite the fact that the drama has only recently begun streaming on its site.

Obsession was billed as a four-part limited series, although there have been plenty of miniseries in recent years that were supposed to be one-offs but ended up producing subsequent seasons, such as The White Lotus and Big Little Lies. So a second season isn’t completely ruled out.

What would Obsession Season 2 be about?

This is a more difficult question to answer. Obsession’s basic narrative was borrowed from Josephine Hart’s novel Damage, which means that a second season would have no idea where the characters would go. More drama could be gleaned from the fallout of William and Anna’s betrayal of their respective partners in season one (revenge affairs are a thing, after all, and nobody plays angry like Indira Varma), or the show’s creators could take the anthology approach, telling a new story with each new season, à la Dirty John or Miracle Workers.

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