Ramit Sethi Net Worth 10 Brilliant Lessons from Ramit’s Success

Ramit Sethi has a lot of money, more than $25 million!

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Sethi’s got rich by doing things on the internet, like his websites I Will Teach You To Be Rich and Growth Lab, and selling special classes.

He began with a blog in 2004 when he was studying at Stanford.

He started by selling a book for $4.95, and now he makes millions of dollars every year from his online stuff.

So, how did he do it? We’ll talk about that and what we can learn from him in this article.

Ramit Sethi

Who is Ramit Sethi?

Ramit Sethi is a smart business person who has two cool websites called GrowthLab and I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

He wrote a really famous book in 2009 called “I Will Teach You to Be Rich” that lots of people liked and read because it was in The New York Times Best Seller list.

Quick Review
Name Ramit Sethi
Age 40 years old
Birth Place California, USA
Birth Date 30th June 1982
Nationality American
Marriage Status Married

Ramit Sethi in Numbers:

  • Over 1,000,000 people read his blog every month
  • Ramit’s YouTube channel “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” currently has nearly 199,050 subscribers
  • Ramit currently has over 295,100 followers on Instagram
  • Ramit’s New York Times bestselling book on personal finance has over 10,000+ reviews on Amazon
  • Nearly 211,000 people follow Ramit on Twitter

10 Inspiring Lessons from Ramit Sethi, IWT Founder

 from Ramit’s Success

Lesson 1: Make “systems” instead of goals

Ramit likes making systems that do things automatically, so you don’t have to work as much.

Ramit says making systems is tough at the start, but they help you for a super long time, like more than 20 years.

If you’re wondering, here are some things Ramit made during many years.

  • Ramit saves and invests money automatically.
  • His assistant helps him save more than 20 hours every week.
  • Ramit applied for more than 65 college scholarships using a special system.
  • He’s really good at getting things done every day.

All of these systems are why Ramit Sethi has more than 25 million dollars.

Goal vs. System Example: Making a Successful Lemonade Stand

Goal (what you want): Sell lots of lemonade and make a lot of money.

System (how you do it):

  • Make different types of lemonade to see which one people like the most.
  • Ask friends or family to help you run the lemonade stand.
  • Make colorful signs to attract more customers.
  • Give out free samples to get people interested.
  • Save some of the money you make to buy better ingredients and cups.

Just like when you want to do well in school or win a game, having a plan or system helps you get better results!

Lesson 2. Start small, grow BIG

One time, someone asked Ramit on Twitter, “What if I want a business that makes 8 figures?”

His reply?

ramit sethi social

The tough reality is that lots of folks would rather imagine having a business worth a million dollars than really having one worth just $10,000.

And then, they just stop doing anything because their goals seem really, really hard to reach. That’s why it’s important to begin with little steps!

Every professional was once an amateur. Every EXPERT was once a BEGINNER.

Even Ramit began online by selling a $4.95 ebook. Now, he has a super big business worth millions! So, think big and start right now!

In a blog post, Ramit talks about how he started by selling a book for $4.95. But guess what? He ended up making a whopping $11,000 in just one day! Can you believe that? He’s got some really cool stuff to share!


On the left side, there’s a sale for $4.95 back in 2006. On the right side, there’s a big jump to $11,000 made in just one day in 2015.

Right now, you can’t make $10,000 in a day because you don’t know how to do it yet!

If Ramit told you the special words he uses for his business, you still wouldn’t know what to do with them!

But… you can begin RIGHT NOW, and if you keep doing it regularly, you can start making more money and reaching goals you never even imagined!

Lesson 3: Make Extra Money Doing More Stuff

Hey there! If you already have a regular job from 9 to 5, guess what? You can still make more money! Just start something called a “side hustle.”

A side hustle means you do things to make money when you’re not at your regular job. This extra money can help you do cool things you want. It’s like having more freedom to follow your dreams!

Ramit tried lots of different ways to make money online, like starting a blog and selling things. He did a bunch of different jobs until he made a million dollars.

I also started writing a blog while working a regular job in 2005. By 2018, I was making more than $10,000 from my blog, so I could stop working my other job.

If you want to know, I can tell you about my blogging adventure. I started with nothing and then started making $10,000 every month.

Doing extra jobs on the side always gives you money. At first, you have to work really hard for a few years.

Lesson 4: Do stuff instead of just learning

You can read blogs and emails all you like, but if you don’t do something, nothing will really change.

Lots of folks wait for things to come to them instead of making things happen. That’s why most people end up with regular, everyday lives.

Ramit is different. When he gets an idea, he doesn’t waste time. He starts doing it right away. One big reason he’s so successful is because he turns ideas into actions super fast.

Lesson 5: Make Awesome Classes to Help People

Most of the stuff Ramit shares on his blog is free. But sometimes, he makes super special classes that have really cool stuff.

Ramit made more than 20 classes that help people on the internet. Some cost a little bit, like $100, and some cost a LOT, like $25,000. Ramit and his team spend a ton of time and money making these classes. It’s a huge amount of work.

But guess what? Their hard work is worth it because lots of people buy their classes right away when they’re available.

You can give away things for free, but if nobody cares about them, it’s not very helpful. So, you need to listen to what the people you want to help want. Figure out their problems and wishes. Then, make something to fix those problems or grant their wishes. That’s how you can become really successful.

Lesson 6: Understanding How Money Works in Our Heads

Ramit sethi quotes

Ramit always says, “Don’t ask the $3 questions. Ask the $30,000 questions”.

Ramit has a smart idea: Instead of worrying about small stuff, think about big stuff! Imagine you have a special $3 question and a super important $30,000 question.

We sometimes feel bad about spending $5 on yummy coffee, but guess what? We forget to ask a big question: “How much are we paying for investing our money?” This can be a lot, like tens of thousands of dollars!

Did you ever think about talking to your boss to get more money (salary)? This can be worth more than $100,000 in your whole life!

Ramit teaches us one very cool thing: You can only save a certain amount, but you can make a LOT more money. There’s no limit to that!

Here are some really important things:

  • Start Investing money early.
  • Put some money in your Investing regularly without forgetting.
  • Ask for more money when you get a job.
  • Make a plan to pay back any money you owe.
  • Know how people think about money when they invest.

But, you know, lots of people grumble when their taxes or the money they pay for Netflix gets higher. They don’t fuss as much about important stuff, though.

That’s why it’s important to get how money and people’s thoughts about it work together. You should figure out how to make more money. Use that money to enjoy the things you really like, and be tough about spending less on things you don’t care much about. That’s what Ramit says is the way to do it.

If you want to understand how Ramit thinks about money and his special money plan, you should really read his book.

If you want to be good at handling money, here’s what Ramit suggests to spend less than an hour each month on your money stuff.

  • Automate bill pay, savings, and investments
  • Create a Conscious Spending Plan. Focus on 1-2 variable costs (the rest are usually pretty stable)
  • Set 30 minutes to review each month

Lesson 7: Making Friends with Important People

One big reason why Ramit is really successful is because he knows important people, like Tim Ferriss. This is why Ramit Sethi is making a lot of money.

He talks to lots of famous people who know a lot about marketing.

What’s good about having friends who are really important in what you do? You get things done quicker. That’s why making friends and knowing people is really, really helpful.

Lesson 8: Don’t Rush to Success

Getting what you want isn’t easy. Anything really good takes time.

Lots of folks mess up trying to make money on the internet because they want shortcuts. They try to get rich super fast and end up getting tricked by bad stuff. Don’t do that! Get someone smart to help you, like a teacher.

Imagine clearly what you want to happen. Think about your wishes for life and your job. Pick a time (in years) when you want it. Then, make your big wish into small steps you can do in just a few months. That’s how you win!

Lesson 9: Using Social Media

Ramit likes to hang out on websites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Do you know why?

He’s there to talk to the people he really wants to help.

He uses social media for lots of stuff:

  • Think of new ideas
  • Make friends online
  • Tell smart things he knows
  • Tell people about his books
  • And more cool things too!

Lesson 10: Build a great team

Ramit is really successful because of his TEAM!
He has two cool online businesses: IWT and GrowthLab.

If you’re curious;

  • IWT teaches about money and freelancing
  • GrowthLab is about online business

He makes lots of stuff on these: videos, podcasts, and more!

So how does he do all that?

He’s got a super cool team that helps him with lots of stuff!

  • They help him think of what to talk about.
  • They write back to his emails.
  • Ramit makes stuff for the internet.
  • They help his stuff show up when people search online.
  • Sethi talks to people on social media.
  • They make things to sell and tell others about them.

Ramit hires the BEST people! 🌟

His team worked at cool startups, big marketing companies, and huge Fortune 100 firms! 🚀📈💼
Want to work with Ramit? Check the careers page on his blog! 🧐💻

Joining his team = awesome benefits! 🎉

  1. Work from anywhere
  2. Health, dental, vision & life insurance plans for US employees
  3. 401k plan for US employees
  4. Generous paid time off

Ramit Sethi’s Netflix Show on “How to Get Rich”


Guess what? Netflix just put out a cool show about money with Ramit Sethi! It started on April 18, 2023, and it’s spreading all over the world.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should totally check it out. Imagine having a yummy cup of coffee while you watch. In the show, Ramit Sethi talks about money and how to be really good at it.

He shows you how to think about money and how to change your money habits. He even talks about how to live a really nice life with lots of money. Ramit also shares his special rules about money so you can be free from worries about it.

In the TV show, he mostly talks about:

  • Make your life rich with good stuff.
  • Reasons not to buy a house.
  • Tricks for putting your money into good things.
  • Using credit cards is the smart way and pay off money you owe quickly.
  • How to handle your money well and other cool things.

Here’s the Netflix Link (not an affiliate link)

Ramit Sethi Books

Top 10 Inspiring Quotes by Ramit Sethi

Are you looking for inspiring quotes by Ramit Sethi?

Here are the top 10 Ramit Sethi quotes about entrepreneurship, finance, and life.

1. There is a limit to how much you can cut but there is no limit to how much you can earn.

2. The most critical factor to getting rich is getting started, not being the smartest person in the room.

3. The 85 Percent Solution: Getting started is more important than becoming an expert.

4. Most people never realize that 80% of the work is done before you step into a room. That’s why they spend their entire lives grasping for magical tactics instead of changing their entire mindset.

5. In the end, managing your finances well is a lot like developing a strong personal productivity system: You keep track of everything without making it your full-time job; you set goals; you break them down into small bite-size tasks; you save yourself time by automating manual work, and you spend your time and brainpower focusing on the big picture. That’s what I try to do with my time and money.

6. But ultimately, expertise is about results. You can have the fanciest degrees from the fanciest schools, but your expertise is meaningless if you can’t perform what you were hired to do.

7. Focus more on being decisive and less on making the “right” decision. You’ll never know until you try; if you’re wrong, you can always try again.

8. Getting started is more important than spending an exhaustive amount of time researching.

9. If something isn’t working, don’t try harder or do more. Do something DIFFERENT.

10. Make the right decisions in life and you’ll never have to worry about saving $3 a day on lattes.

FAQs About Ramit Sethi

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Ramit Sethi.

Who is Ramit Sethi?

Ramit Sethi started a company called IWT (short for I Will Teach You To Be Rich). He’s like the big boss there. Ramit also wrote a really popular book called “I Will Teach You to Be Rich,” all about how to handle money better. It’s so popular that lots of people bought it and it was on the New York Times bestseller list!

What is Ramit Sethi’s net worth?

In 2023, Ramit Sethi has a lot of money, around 25 million dollars. He gets most of his money from his online classes and a blog about money called “I Will Teach You To Be Rich.”

Who is Ramit Sethi’s wife?

Cassandra Sethi got married to Ramit Sethi in 2018. She started a company called Next Level Wardrobe in New York that helps guys with their style.

What are the books written by Ramit Sethi?

Ramit Sethi wrote these books:

“I Will Teach You To Be Rich: No Guilt, No Excuses – Just a 6-Week Program that Works”
“Your Move: The Underdog’s Guide to Building Your Business”
“Recruit or Die: How Any Business Can Beat the Big Guys in the War for Young Talent”

What is Ramit Sethi’s Netflix series?

On April 18, 2023, Netflix put out a show named “How to Get Rich.” The show is about a guy named Ramit who helps a bunch of people learn how to live a fancy and rich life.

Where does Ramit Sethi live?

Ramit Sethi stays in California, which is in the United States.

How does Ramit Sethi make money?

Here are some of the ways Ramit Sethi makes money;

– Consulting
– Selling high-ticket premium online courses
– Selling his own books such as IWT
– Partnerships, brand collaborations, and more

How to email Ramit Sethi?

You can email Ramit at: ramit.sethi@iwillteachyoutoberich.com

Conclusion on Ramit Sethi’s Net Worth

Ramit Sethi has a lot of money, but he doesn’t think saving on small stuff like fancy coffees will make you rich. He says it’s better to learn about investing and how to get a bigger paycheck.

If you want to be smart with money or make a successful business, you should listen to what Ramit says.

So, what do you think about how much money Ramit Sethi has and what he says about money? Did he inspire you? Write your thoughts below!

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