Pushpa The Rise Plot, What to Expect in Part 2?

Given the popularity of Pushpa: The Rising, fans are expecting considerably more action and plot twists in the film’s second installment.

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Sukumar’s Pushpa: The Rising, starring Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna, is a Telugu language film directed by him. The plot of the film centers around Pushpa, a truck driver who rises through the ranks to become a red sanders smuggler. Pushpa is the name of the male protagonist, who is brave and craves ultimate power and control over everything.


Pushpa was a laborer in his early years. While working as a mill laborer, Pushpa did not believe in giving respect to the mill owner for providing him with a respectable wage. He didn’t labor for the sake of respect; he worked for money. As a result, the film establishes his audacity from the start. Those around him sensed he was destined to make it big in life, so he joined Kesava to supplement his income.


Since his mother is a widower, Pushpa has been denied his father’s name since boyhood because he was born out of wedlock, hence he is known as Pushpa Raj, a man without a surname.

Pushpa was very close to his mother and admired her for all the sacrifices she made to raise him.

How did Pushpa become the syndicate’s leader?

Pushpa decides to join a crew of coolies in order to earn a living, who was in charge of delivering the red sanders that were illegally brought from Andhra Pradesh’s Seshachalam Hills. When the hardheaded DSP Govindappa tries to stop this unlawful enterprise, Pushpa uses his wit and intelligence to gain the trust of the Reddy brothers.

Pushpa devises a great scheme in which he conceals the red sander beneath a section of the truck that transports milk, fooling the cops into believing that the truck is only transporting milk. Pushpa gains the trust of the Reddy brothers and becomes a shareholder in their business, paving the road for affluence and success in his life.

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Later, at a party, Pushpa realizes that Mangalam Srinu, Manager and Dealer of the Red Sanders Syndicate, was defrauding His brother by paying them far less than the cut he earned every tonne. When Pushpa asks Srinu to raise their portion, he refuses, motivating Pushpa to sell the supply directly to Chennai.

He agrees with the Reddy brothers to receive half of the shares if he sells supplies worth 1.5 crores in Chennai. Srinu is enraged by this action and wages war on the Reddy brothers. Despite being shot, Jakka Reddy survives owing to Pushpa.
An enraged Pushpa responds by shooting Srinu’s brother-in-law, thereby obtaining justice for the Reddy brothers. All of this instills suspicion among the syndicate members.

This is when MP Bhumireddy Naidu decided to intervene to help stabilize the situation. When all the members come to Konda Reddy’s burial, Pushpa discusses their sorrows with the MP and assures him that if he is appointed Manager of the syndicate, he will deliver more cuts to the MP. Pushpa was appointed as the new manager of the Red Sanders Syndicate at that time.

Srivalli’s and Pushpa Love Story

Pushpa has always had a crush on Srivalli, but she is oblivious to his feelings for her. Kesava chooses to intervene in their romance as Srivalli refuses to heed any clues. When Srivalli and her pals decide to see a Chrinajeevi film, they realize they don’t have enough money to buy the tickets. Kesava agreed to pay for their tickets on the condition that Srivalli makes eye contact and smiles at Pushpa. Despite Srivalli’s assurances that it was simply for the movie tickets, the two fall in love, and their families decide to marry. When the two families eventually meet, they cancel their wedding after discovering Pushpa’s true identity and that he is an unlawful son born out of wedlock.

Nevertheless, the two are reunited when Jaali Reddy, the youngest of the Reddy brothers and a womanizer, arrests Srivalli’s father for treason and explains that he will only release him if Srivalli sleeps with him. Srivalli then seeks Pushpa’s assistance and expresses her genuine feelings for him. Pushpa, in turn, breaks Jaali’s bones, rendering him unable to walk for six months. Despite the fact that Pushpa is successful in liberating Srivalli’s father, the situation creates a new hostility between Jaali Reddy and Pushpa.

What happens at the end? Who’s Banwar Singh Shekhawat?

Mr. Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat enters Pushpa’s life at a time when both his career and personal lives are in full swing. Shekhawat, the new SP, is a difficult nut to crack. When Pushpa invites him to his wedding, he arrives handcuffed and criticizes him for being born out of wedlock. It’s evident that Shekhawat wants complete authority over Pushpa.

As Pushpa addresses him as ‘Sir,’ he ultimately decides to let him go, but only on the condition that he be treated with the highest respect and receive a continuous supply of money from the syndicate. It’s strange to watch Pushpa taking all of his directions and respecting him, as this is highly unusual for Pushpa. But it’s later discovered when Pushpa invites Shekhawat for a drink to celebrate his wedding day.

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After joining, Pushpa deceives the SP and shoots himself in the hand, and at gunpoint, asks the SP to undress as he does the same, to make him realize that without his Police uniform, he’s worthless and no one will recognize him, and Pushpa shall receive the same amount of respect even without any clothes. Pushpa had clearly avenged the SP’s insult during their first meeting by looking into his family history.

Shekhawat had no choice but to leave for his house in his underwear. As he arrives, his dog refuses to recognize him without his uniform, reminding him of Pushpa’s words. A furious Shekhawat shoots his dog dead while Pushpa leaves for his wedding.

What to expect in Pushpa 2?

Needless to say, the sequel is announced right at the end of the film, so we can anticipate SP Shekhawat to seek vengeance for his shame, while Jaali Reddy plots to ruin Pushpa. Together with them, it is expected that Srinu will be waiting for the proper moment to attack Pushpa for stealing his business and killing his men. Ultimately, one can expect the second installment to be more thrilling and action-packed, while it’s only worth waiting to see what Pushpa 2 has in store!

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