NASA Announces Moon Mission Astronauts, Artemis- II Mission Crew Members

NASA Announces Names of the first woman and black man on Moon Mission

NASA is sending four astronauts to the moon, including a woman, a person of color, and a Canadian for the first time. The upcoming lunar mission’s four-person crew was revealed by NASA on Monday. which for the first time has a female astronaut and an African American astronaut. The mission will likely begin early in the following year. After more than 50 years, a second trip to the Moon will be made. The initial journey happened in 1972. From a group of 18 astronauts, these four were chosen. The following people are listed as crew members for the Artemis-II mission, which will be launched from the United States in 2024:

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Christina is a mission specialist

Engineer Christina Koch, one of the crew members, holds the record for a woman’s longest continuous space flight. He had the title of mission specialist. Christina said that it is an honor to be present after stating her name. When she considers completing this mission, she feels fantastic.

This is fantastic all by itself. They will travel on the most potent rocket in the world, reaching peaks that are thousands of miles high, testing every system, and then head for the moon. In space, Victor Glover will be the first person of color. Victor Glover is a four-time spacewalk veteran and aviator in the US Navy.

Artemis II’s pilot is listed as Glover.

He will make history as the first black astronaut to travel to the moon. His second space mission will be this one. Prior to that, he was a pilot on NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1, which returned to Earth on May 2, 2021, after spending 168 days in space.

Glover participated in four spacewalks while serving as a flight engineer on Expedition 64 to the space station. He also made contributions to scientific research and technology demonstrations. He has logged more than 3,000 flight hours in more than 40 different aircraft, according to NASA.

Artemis- II Mission Crew Members
Artemis- II Mission Crew Members by NASA

The mission will be led by Reid Wiseman.

The mission commander has been announced as Reed Wiseman, another former fighter pilot for the US Navy. He has traveled to space twice.

Will be He was serving as a flight engineer aboard the International Station for Expedition 41 from May to November 2014. Prior to his assignment, he served as the chief of the Astronaut Office from December 2020 to November 2022.

Jeremy Hansen will become Canada’s first astronaut.

Jeremy Hansen, the first Canadian chosen for a flight to the Moon as a mission specialist, was also a member of the Artemis II mission crew. In the Canadian Armed Forces, Hansen served as a fighter pilot and is currently a colonel. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Astronautics and a Master of Science in Physics from the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario, respectively, in 2000.

The third Canadian Astronaut Recruitment Drive, which took place in May 2009, resulted in the selection of Hansen by the CSA. He worked as capcom at the Johnson NASA Mission Control Center, and in 2017 he became the first Canadian to serve as the class instructor for an astronaut class. where he oversaw the training of United States astronauts and Canada.

The goal of the Artemis II Mission

The mission’s primary goal is to show that Orion’s life-support systems and other systems will function as intended while carrying astronauts into deep space. Before returning, Artemis II plans to travel 10,300 km from the far side of the Moon. Since Apollo 17, no one has traveled so close to the natural satellite of the Earth.

About All four Astronauts

  1. Reid Wiseman (47): A former US Navy pilot who led Nasa’s astronaut office for a while. He has previously performed one space mission, to the International Space Station in 2015.
  2. Victor Glover (46) is a test pilot for the United States Navy. He joined Nasa in 2013 and is scheduled to make his first mission in 2020. He was the first African American to spend more than six months on the space station.
  3. Christina Koch (44) is a 44-year-old electrical engineer. She holds the record for the longest continuous period of time spent in space by a woman, at 328 days. In October 2019, she took part in the first all-female spacewalk with Nasa astronaut Jessica Meir.
  4. Jeremy Hansen (47) was a fighter pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force before joining the Canadian Space Agency. He has not yet flown in space.
nasa astronaut
nasa astronaut

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