Is Shiv Roy Pregnant In Succession Season 4?

Is Shiv Roy Pregnant In Succession Season 4?

Season 4 of Succession has extensively implied that Shiv is pregnant, and the most recent episode adds to this shocking fan theory.

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Succession season 4
Succession season 4

Succession season 4 has suggested that more changes are on the way for the Roy family, as Shiv Roy appears to be pregnant. Season 4 of Succession has already been a busy one, with huge commercial agreements, new disputes within the Roy family, and even the murder of Waystar Royco CEO Logan Roy. But, Succession season 4, episode 4 has demonstrated that things are only going to get more frantic, nearly confirming Shiv Roy’s pregnancy.

Season 4 of HBO’s renowned comedy-drama Succession focuses on the Roy family and their ownership over Waystar Royco. Succession season 4, episode 3 turned everything upside down when it revealed that Logan Roy, the series’ major adversary, had died unexpectedly while on a plane. With the departure of Waystar Royco’s CEO, things are heating up in Succession Season 4, with tensions higher than ever. Shiv’s possible pregnancy is destined to play a significant part in season 4 if the indications about it are correct, and this might affect the course of Succession forever.

Shiv Is Pregnant in Succession Season 4!

Succession season 4 has dropped multiple hints that Shiv Roy is pregnant, with more to come as the season progresses. The first of these is Shiv’s abstinence from alcohol. Shiv has been drinking substantially less than she did in previous seasons of Succession, even ordering a club soda when at a pub with her brothers in season 4, episode 2. Moreover, Shiv Roy actor Sarah Snook is pregnant in real life, leading many to speculate that this is scripted into the program.

Succession season 4, episode 4 all but confirms Shiv’s pregnancy, which had previously been rumored. Shiv receives a call from her doctor at the start of the episode, with the doctor citing many pregnancy symptoms and urging Shiv to schedule a 20-week visit. Later in the show, Shiv and Tom discuss Logan’s grandchildren, implying that more grandchildren are on the way. Shiv even collapses unexpectedly at the conclusion of season 4, episode 4, which might be due to the dizziness and illness that is prevalent during pregnancy.

Why Shiv’s Pregnant Narrative Would Be Ideal For Ending Succession

Shiv’s pregnancy plotline may appear abrupt, but it is actually the ideal way to conclude Succession. Shiv giving birth in the same season Logan died is a pretty good way of wrapping things up, demonstrating the cyclical devastation that the Roy family has succumbed to. It would also give another depth of emotion to Shiv’s character, compounding the stress of her job at Waystar and her father’s death.

Shiv’s pregnancy might also strengthen her bond with Tom, which has been strained since Tom’s betrayal in the season 3 finale. Whether Shiv’s child is Tom’s or someone else’s, the prospect of Shiv having a child would have an influence on Tom, maybe causing him to abandon his wicked path. Shiv’s pregnancy will change everything in Season 4 of Succession, bringing an innocent baby into the vicious and merciless world of the Roys.

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