International Sign Languages Day, Theme, History, etc.

The United Nations General Assembly has declared September 23 to be the International Day of Sign Languages 2022. An event to raise awareness of the value of sign language is being planned.

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In 1951, the World Federation of the Deaf was founded to overlap with the founding.

International Day of Sign Languages 2022 is on September 23.

International Day of Sign Language-2022
International Day of Sign Languages- 2022

The Importance of the Sign Language

The World Federation of the Deaf estimates that there are roughly 72 million deaf people worldwide. Around 80% live in underdeveloped nations and use over 300 different sign languages combined.

The relevance of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is the relevancy of sign languages. All sign languages are ranked on par with one another. The day promotes this.

According to the United Nations, it promotes the deaf community’s linguistic identity.

Based on the United Nations, it “promotes the deaf community’s linguistic identity. The day is critical in maintaining the rights of the deaf.

It aspires to preserve the position of sign languages as integral to the world’s linguistic and cultural diversity. The UN resolution that inspired the designation of the day highlights The importance of effective sign language instruction in the growth and development of deaf people


Sign languages are visual languages that communicate messages. It is unknown how many of these languages exist around the globe. Hand signs vary from country to country.

There are multiple sign languages in several countries. The origins of sign language might be interesting to learn about. People who are deaf use sign language.

There is one of the oldest recordings of sign language in Plato’s Cratylus from the 15th century BC.

Sign Language Poster
Sign Language, Poster

In the 19th century, historical sign languages were little known by people. Manual alphabets are the data for restricted fingerspelling systems. These were created to translate spoken words into sign language.

The first handwritten alphabet is credited to Pedro Ponce de Leon. Abbé de l’Épée established the first school for deaf children in Paris.

This happened in 1755, and the most well-known graduate is possibly Laurent Clerc.

In 1817, he went to the United States and founded the American School for the Deaf with Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet.

The school is located in West Hartford, Connecticut, and it is the state’s oldest permanent school.

 Sign Language
Sign languages

Speaking and signing languages are both intricate. Nations vary in many languages. It is the primary language of New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

In the United States and English-speaking Canada, American Sign Language (ASL) has replaced French Sign Language.

It bears no resemblance to New Zealand, Australia, or British Sign Language. Seminars sponsored by the World Federation of the Deaf, like Gestuno, employ international sign language.

The Origins of Sign Language

These days, it is observed all over the world. The inaugural International Day of Sign Languages occurs on September 23rd, 2018. 

1951 was chosen as the World Federation Day memorial year as a result. Every year, the day’s subject varies. The theme for 2018 is “Sign Language Is An Inclusion Tool for Everyone.”

The topic for 2019 is Sign Language Rights for All! It is good to learn about the subject each year. It can help you learn about alternative methods to mark the occasion.

In 2019, studying the many rights of people who use sign language would have been a fantastic way to broaden your knowledge and raise awareness. Nothing can stop you from doing it correctly.

Celebrate the International Day of Sign Language

The 23rd of September is recognized as the International Day of Sign Language-2022. The purpose of this day is to promote sign language.

There are many excellent resources available online to assist you with this. Simply learning how to greet someone in sign language can make a huge difference.

by simply going out of your way. To learn their language and attempt to greet them in a way that they can understand. Many people are unaware of the many sign languages.

International Day of Sign Language
International Day of Sign Languages

On this specific day, take it upon yourself to train others. There are several methods for achieving this. You can invite friends and family around for food and wine sampling. You can teach them sign language and motivate them to donate to a deaf organization.

I simply use social media to educate people. Share strong words and illustrations about the topic to help spread the word and raise awareness. If you educate each person, you are making a huge difference.

Why not organize a fundraising event for a sign language or deaf donation?

Bake sales to sponsor marathons There are many things to get into, ranging from events that are excellent for raising funds and spreading the word about sign language.

You should make use of social media to generate interest in event planning.

The Theme of the International Day of Sign Languages 2021

The International Federation of the Deaf has announced “We Sign For Human Rights” as the theme for 2021. This underlines how deaf people around the world must come together. To achieve the acknowledgment of our right to use sign language in all aspects of life.

The International Day of Sign Languages provides a chance to defend all sign language speakers. Sign languages provide a chance to advocate and defend all sign language speakers’ linguistic identities and cultural diversity.

A to Z Alphabet in Sign Language

Fingerspelling is a way of spelling words by moving your hands. Sign language contains the finger alphabet used to figure out things. The names of individual locations for which there are no symbols. Fingerspelling is a way to convey ideas that are new to individuals.

Sign Language
Sign Language

Counting Sign in Sign Language

In the picture below, the numbers 1 to 10 each have their own sign language.

Sign Language
Sign Language



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