Meet the Top 10 Bloggers in the USA

We are about to explore some awesome bloggers in the USA. These bloggers are super popular all across the country. They write about cool stuff like Hollywood news and yummy recipes. Get ready to meet them and find out what they love to do.

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Top 10 Bloggers In The USA

1. Mario Lavandeira (Perez Hilton)


  • Full Name: Mario Lavandeira
  • Blog Alias: Perez Hilton
  • Blog Niche: Celebrity Gossip
  • Notable Achievements: Popular celebrity gossip blogger
  • Website: perezhilton
  • Instagram: @theperezhilton

celebrity gossip blogging

Meet Mario, also known as Perez Hilton. The king of celebrity gossip in the blogging world. He is like your best friend who spills all the juicy secrets from Tinseltown. He dishes out the latest news and gossip about famous people. Keeping us hooked on what is happening in the world of celebrities.

2. Heather Armstrong: The Happy MotherHeather Armstrong

  • Full Name: Heather Armstrong
  • Blog Name: Dooce
  • Blog Niche: Parenting and Lifestyle
  • Notable Achievements: Renowned for her candid parenting stories
  • Website: “Dooce”
  • Instagram: @Dooce

parenting blogging

Heather is a very cool mother who speaks openly and honestly about her parenting experiences. She writes a blog called “Dooce” where she posts funny and meaningful stories.

About everything that it is like to be a mother. You get the idea that you are not the only one dealing with all the exciting as well as strange things. That comes with being a parent when you read her story.

3. Olivia Palermo: The Fashion Maven

Olivia Palermo

  • Full Name: Olivia Palermo
  • Blog Niche: Fashion and Style
  • Notable Achievements: Fashion icon and style influencer
  • Website: Olivia Palermo 
  • Instagram: @Oliviapalermo 

fashion blogger

Olivia Palermo is truly talented in the fashion world. She dresses in very fashionable outfits that you would see in fashion magazines and on expensive occasions. She is very fashionable, and her outfits are like the stuff of fashion dreams.

4. Jason Kottke: The Knowledge Sharer

Jason Kottke

  • Full Name: Jason Kottke
  • Blog Niche: General Interest
  • Notable Achievements: Blogger and writer covering a wide range of topics
  • Website:
  • Instagram: @jkottke


If you want to learn new things, Jason is your best friend. On his website, he discusses many interesting topics as a blogger and writer.

Science, culture, technology, and other subjects are just a few exciting stories. Jason has to share with his readers. Various topics are covered by him.

5. Shea Marie: The Edgy Trendsetter

Shea Marie

  • Full Name: Shea Marie
  • Blog Niche: Fashion and Style
  • Notable Achievements: Fashion blogger with a unique and edgy style
  • Website: SAME
  • Instagram: @sheamarie

stylish fashion blogger and designer

Shea Marie is a stylish fashion blogger and designer. She is very cool. Marie does not just copy what everyone else is wearing. She makes her own trends.

You can check out her blog and her pictures on social media. To see all the cool clothes she wears.

6. Sheryl Luke: The Classy Influencer


  • Full Name: Sheryl Luke
  • Blog Niche: Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle
  • Notable Achievements: Popular influencer known for her classy style
  • Website: Walkinwonderland
  • Instagram: @walkinwonderland

fashion, beauty, and lifestyle expert

Sheryl is very famous on the internet. She is like a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle expert. Her social media pages have lots of cool tips and ideas. That makes you look classy and elegant.

If you want to look more stylish, Sheryl can help you with that.

7. Julie Sarinana : The Jetsetter


  • Full Name: Julie Sariñana
  • Blog Niche: Fashion and Travel
  • Notable Achievements: Famous for sharing stylish outfits and travel adventures
  • Website: Sincerely Jules
  • Instagram: @sincerelyjules

fashion blogger

Julie is very popular on the internet. She is a famous fashion blogger. Julie is on Instagram too. She takes us to awesome places all over the world.

She wears trendy clothes and shows us cool pictures of her trips. It makes me want to go on adventures too.

8. Nick Denton: The Media Mogul


  • Full Name: Nick Denton
  • Notable Achievements: Founder of Gawker Media, a prominent online media company
  • Website: sobering thoughts
  • Instagram: @nickdenton

Gawker Media

Nick Denton started Gawker Media, a big online news and gossip company. He made websites that talked about news and stuff. This changed how we read things on the internet. Nick Denton was important in the world of digital media.

9. Aimee Song: The Style and Decor Expert


  • Full Name: Aimee Song
  • Blog Niche: Fashion and Interior Design
  • Notable Achievements: Renowned for fashion trends and home decor ideas
  • Website: revolve
  • Instagram: @aimeesong

Fashion Blogger

Aimee is a famous blogger who loves fashion and making homes look nice. She is the best person to find out what is new in fashion.

She got cool ideas for decorating our house. Aimee’s style is not just about your clothes. It is also about how you make your home nice.

10. Lindsay Ostrom: The Culinary Artist


  • Full Name: Lindsay Ostrom
  • Blog Niche: Food and Cooking
  • Notable Achievements: Food blogger and cookbook author, known for delicious recipes and cooking tips
  • Website: Pinch of yum
  • Instagram: @lindsaymostrom

food blogger

Lindsay is a super cool food blogger and cookbook writer. Her blog has lots of yummy recipes and helpful cooking tricks.

Her food pictures are so yummy-looking, that you might want to eat them.


So, We have shown you some very cool bloggers in the USA. From Perez Hilton, who knows all about celebrities, to Lindsay Ostrom, who is great with food.

These bloggers have amazing things to share. Whether you like hearing about Hollywood, being a parent, fashion, or lots of other interesting stuff. These bloggers have it all. They are like your internet buddies.

Here to make you happy, teach you things, and give you cool ideas. So, go check out their blogs and have fun exploring the awesome world of these top bloggers in the USA.

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