3 Idiots sequel | Is a sequel to 3 Idiots in the works?

Is a sequel to 3 Idiots in the works? Kareena Kapoor, Boman Irani, and Jaaved Jafferi drop a HUGE clue

“3 Idiots sequel Kareena Kapoor, Boman Irani, and Jaaved Jafferi drop a HUGE clue” 3 Idiots by Rajkumar Hirani is one of the greatest films about India’s education system. Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sharman Joshi, R Madhavan, and Boman Irani appeared in the film.

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3 Idiots, directed by Rajkumari Hirani, was praised by reviewers and went on to become one of Bollywood’s biggest blockbusters, grossing $400 million worldwide. Aamir, Sharman, and Madhavan played three pals, Boman Irani played a college president, and Kareena played Aamir’s love interest. Omi Vaidya also played an important role.

Jaaved Jafferi
Jaaved Jafferi (3 Idiots sequel)

Kareena released a video on Instagram

Today, Kareena released a video on Instagram in which she said that Aamir, Sharman, and Madhavan are concealing a secret and if a sequel be in the works.

On Friday, stars Kareena Kapoor Khan, Boman Irani, and Jaaved Jaaferi took to their social media profiles and uploaded several videos in which they hinted at a sequel to the comedy-drama film ‘3 Idiots’.

Kareena took to Instagram to post a video of herself discussing Aamir Khan, Sharman Joshi, and R Madhavan holding a press conference when she was vacationing in Africa with Saif Ali Khan, Jeh Ali Khan, and Taimur.

Kareena said, “I think they are coming for the 3 Idiots sequel.”

Sharing the video, Kareena wrote, “I can’t believe this!! How can they do this without me? (angry face emoji) @boman_irani have they kept this a secret from you also?” In the video, Kareena is seen talking about the picture of the ‘3 Idiots’ seen in the background. The picture shows all three Aamir, Madhavan, and Sharman in red t-shirts, sitting at a table with ‘Idiots’ written behind them.

Kareena Kapoor worries whether Aamir Khan is developing a sequel to 3 Idiots without her and sends a video message

Kareena Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor Reaction

Actress Kareena says in the video that while she was away on holiday, the three appear to have planned a 3 Idiots sequel. She says, “I just got to know that when I was on holiday that these three were up to something. This press conference ka clip that is going around is from the secret that these three are keeping from us. Something is fishy and please don’t say this is Sharman ka some movie promotion. I think they are coming for a sequel. But only these three, without me? I don’t think even Boman knows about this. Calling Boman right now to check aakhir chal kya raha hai yaar. This smells like a sequel for sure.”


Previously, in February 2023, Aamir, R Madhavan, and Sharman reunited for a special video to promote the ‘Golmaal’ actor’s film ‘Congratulations,’ which generated a lot of interest surrounding the ‘3 Idiots’ sequel.


Boman Irani also posted a video, after Kareena Kapoor 

Immediately after Kareena uploaded the video, actor Boman Irani moved to Instagram and posted a video in which he remarked, “Whatever you guys are up to is out already and the clip has become viral. How can you even think of the ‘3 Idiots’ sequel without Virus (played by Boman)? It’s good that Kareena called and informed me. I would never have known. This is not fair, cooking up something this big and not even informing us. Is this your decency? Where is our friend? I thought we were friends.” He closed the video by saying he was going to call actor Jaaved Jafferi.

At the end of the video, Boman calls Jaaved Jaaferi, and the latter subsequently post a video about it, tagging Mona Singh in his post.


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Jaaved Jaaferi Posted a Video Clip on Instagram

Jaaved Jaaferi said, “Have you watched the latest news? 3 Idiots Part 2 is in making without the original Rancho. I mean seriously? I was the original Rancho, he was Chote.” He ended up asking actor Mona Singh if she knew something about this or not.


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Mona Singh responded With a Video Clip

Mona Singh responded when Jaaved Jaaferi continued to tease fans with the potential of a sequel.

Kareena’s on-screen sister Mona questioned why she was not informed.

She went on to explain that Aamir Khan did not notify her even while they were filming Laal Singh Chaddha.

“This is quite terrible,” Mona said, adding that “everything is plainly not right.”

Although Mona named Omi Vaidya in her post, he has yet to post the clip.


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Fan’s Comment

Fans swarmed the comment area with red heart emojis and conveyed their enthusiasm shortly after the stars released their videos.

This has definitely caught the attention of fans in determining whether or not the sequel to 3 Idiots will take place. Now, in Kareena’s video, we see all three actors, Aamir, Sharman, and Madhavan, wearing identical T-shirts.

So, a few weeks ago, Sharman posted a video on Instagram to advertise his Gujarati film. Aamir and Madhavan had joined him in congratulating him. They are wearing the same outfits in Kareena’s video as they are in Sharman’s video.

Just like Kareena, even her fans looked surprised. A fan reacted, “Oh my god!” Another wrote, “Oh my good lord. Watta news.” One more said, “Not without you, definitely not.” “A sequel without you – absolutely impossible!” said another. A comment also read: “O.M.G Pls let it be a Dhokhla fafda thepla waale Dhamaakedaar Sequel.”

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