Google makes Bard AI available in India

Google makes Bard AI available in more than 180 nations, Including India

After launching Bard in the US and the UK, Google has since taken the AI chatbot off the waiting list. And also made it available in over 180 nations and territories. Including India, with more to follow.

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Bard is now accessible in Korean, Japanese, and also in English. The business claims that support for 40 languages is imminent.

Google also mentioned that Bard will soon be more noticeable in both its responses and your prompts.

The business will integrate Google Lens into Bard to make this happen.

According to a blog post published by Google on Wednesday

“Let’s imagine you want to use a picture of your dogs to have fun. Upload it and ask Bard to “write a funny caption about these two,” for example. Within seconds, Bard will assess the image using Google Lens. Identify the breeds of the dogs, and come up with a few clever captions.

Additionally, the business announced that it would add fresh methods to spark users. Creativity and curiosity by incorporating the features of Google products they may already be using. such as Docs, Drive, Gmail, Maps, and others, into the Bard experience.

The Adobe Firefly family of creative generative AI models will be integrated by Google into Bard. In the upcoming months so users can turn their own creative ideas into high-quality images. which they can then change or include in their designs in Adobe Express.

The digital behemoth is planning to link Bard up with many partners and use Google services. such as Kayak, OpenTable, ZipRecruiter, Instacart, Wolfram, and Khan Academy.

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