Gold Star Mother’s Day, Intro, History, Symbol, etc.

Gold Star Mother’s Day


Gold Star Mother’s Day is held on the last Sunday of September, which is 2022 will be September 25, 2022. Gold Star Mother’s Day was created to remember and honor moms who have lost a son or daughter while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

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Every year, events and meetings are held to publicly show love, sorrow, and admiration for Gold Star Mothers and their family. Flags must also be displayed on government buildings on this day. According to, Gold Star Mother’s Day is meant to “recognize and celebrate those who lost a son or daughter in the service of the United States Armed Forces.


Though the actual origins of the practice are unknown. During World War I, the gold star began to represent a family member who had died in action. Around that time, the name “Gold Star Family” came.

To mean the surviving family of a person who died on duty, and families placed gold star flags outside their homes. The custom has since been sanctioned, with the goal of easing the grief of mothers and families while also reminding them that no one actually serves alone.

Gradually, there emerged a plethora of ways for bereaved family members to honor their loved ones through symbols worn in places outside the home. President Wilson permitted mourning military moms to wear a customary black armband with a gold star in 1918.

Soon later, it was permitted for families to replace the blue star on the military flag with a gold one. Gold Star family members have been able to wear the Gold Star Lapel since 1947.

The Gold Star Mothers of America, Inc. was founded in 1917 after Grace Siebold’s son was murdered in World War I. Grace collected what would become the American Gold Star Moms to grieve together. They tend to hospitalize veterans at local hospitals. 

Hoping to develop a support structure for bereaved mothers in similar circumstances. In 1928, the group was incorporated as a non-profit with the purpose of commemoration, education, and patriotism. They still help Gold Star moms in their grief, host an annual conference, and organize events with other support groups.

Gold Star Mother's Day
Gold Star Mother’s Day

Memorial Day

Although Gold Star Mother’s and Family Day is not a government holiday like Memorial Day. It was designated by Congress in 1936 to be the final Sunday in September it was just known as “Gold Star Mother’s Day” at the time.

President Barack Obama modified the statement in 2011. He proclaimed the day to encompass both families and moms. Today, the holiday extends to any immediate family member and allows them to fly the Gold Star Service Flag.

Today, America is not immersed in a struggle like World War 1 or 2. Considerably fewer people think of Gold Star heroes and their families – in fact, many people believe they don’t know anyone in a Gold Star Family.

However, there are many more Gold Star families from prior conflicts than you may believe. With over 1.3 million individuals serving in the military now. You may know a family that is still grieving the loss of a recently fallen soldier.

Understanding the sacrifice and celebrating the holiday are the most effective methods to help the families and commemorate the warriors.

What Is the Purpose of the Gold Star?

The Gold Star is awarded in memory of a loved one who died in warfare. According to an L.A. Times article, during World War I, families across the country began to hoist flags with a blue star, indicating that a family member was fighting in the war.

Some flags would feature several stars. The beginnings of this practice are unknown, but gold star flags are flown at some point to denote that a sibling had died in the line of duty.  

The word “Gold Star Family” evolved into the national language due to the sacrifices made by men and women serving in the military.

Who are the Gold Star Mothers of America?

Based on the foregoing, this may seem like an obvious question to some, but Gold Star families have had a non-profit organization working on their behalf since 1928 when American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. was founded.

Their aim includes education, memory, promoting “genuine patriotism to the United States of America,” and, perhaps most crucially for many, providing “needed support to all Gold Star Mothers and, when feasible, to their descendants.

The non-profit organization of Gold Star Mothers hosts an annual convention as well as events commemorating Gold Star Mother’s Day and Veterans Day.

They also collaborate with Wreaths Across America, where they work together each December to plan wreath-laying ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery, as well as over 1,200 other locations in the United States and internationally.

Is Gold Star Mother’s Day a recognized holiday?

Gold Star Mother’s Day isn’t celebrated as widely as federal holidays like Labor Day, Memorial Day, or President’s Day, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t received official recognition. The 74th Congress said in 1936, “The last Sunday in September shall hereafter be recognized and known as Gold Star Mother’s Day, ‘ It shall be the duty of the President to propose its observance as provided for in this resolution.

In 2016, President Barack Obama declared September 25, 2016, to be Gold Star Mother’s and Family Day, continuing a long-standing tradition:

I request that on this auspicious day, all government employees fly the American flag over all government-owned structures. As a visible demonstration of our country’s appreciation and respect for our Gold Star Mothers and Families, I also urge the American people to raise the flag and perform appropriate events.

What Day Is Mother’s Day For Gold Star Mothers?

It is not a public holiday on Gold Star Mother’s Day. It occurs on Sunday, September 25, 2022, and most establishments in the US keep their usual Sunday hours.

What carries out people?

Every year on Gold Star Mother’s Day, the president of the United States urges all citizens to fly the flag. Also, they encourage everyone to attend suitable gatherings to publicly show their admiration, grief, and respect for Gold Star Mothers and their families.

The flag must be flown at all times in government buildings. American Gold Star Moms, Inc. is a group of mothers whose sons or daughters served in the armed forces. Who lost their lives doing so. Each year, it plans significant activities that take place on or near Gold Star Mother’s Day.

A Gold Starflower wreath-laying ceremony and an afternoon tour of President Lincoln’s cottage in Washington, DC, were previous events. In New Jersey, Parents of Fallen Military Sons and Daughters Day is observed on the final Sunday in September.

This day is dedicated to all the parents whose kids lost their lives while serving in the US military. It honors the contributions, dedication, and sacrifices made both by the parents themselves and by American Gold Star Mothers, Inc.

Star Gold, Public Life

Star Mother’s Day is not a recognized holiday in the United States, so it has little impact on daily life.


The practice of military families flying a service flag Next to their front window is where the moniker “Gold Star Mothers” came from. Each family member who served their nation was recognized with a star on the flag. Living family members were indicated by blue stars.

While gold stars were reserved for those who lost their lives in the line of duty. In 1918, President Woodrow Wilson gave his approval to anybody who had a relative. Who died while serving in the military to wear black armbands with a gold star?

This set them apart from the blue stars, which stood for a relative who was currently serving in the armed forces. The US Congress granted American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. a national permit when it was formed in 1929.

25 moms from the Washington, DC, region started it, and it quickly grew to include connected organizations around the country. The final Sunday in September is recognized as Gold Star Mother’s Day every year. Since 1936 when a joint legislative resolution established the holiday.


It represents a family member who died in the line of duty while serving in the United States Armed Forces. It can be found on a military flag or as a medal worn by Gold Star moms. The pin is not just given to moms; it is given by the United States Department of Defense.

How Can Other Gold Star Mothers Participate?

Usually, new Gold Star Mothers notify the group, but sometimes the organization needs to inform them. It isn’t always that simple due to privacy concerns.

“We have to identify these women ourselves as individual moms,” Pollard added. Anyone interested in joining the American Gold Star Mothers should contact a chapter in their region. There are other groups for Gold Star Wives.

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